Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm still here!

So I've been up to a bunch of stuff over the past few months, but unfortunately my Windows development including vidplay has not been moving very quickly thanks to my migration to Windows 7 64-bit, which despite the inconveniences of having to re-install and re-setup everything, is a great improvement over XP in Virtualbox, which was my previous setup. It hasn't helped that I've had to split my time over Linux and Windows as they are on separate disks now, and I've avoided the Windows partition a lot over my preferred Ubuntu.

Still, things are starting to rev up pretty well. I'm getting into 3d development with OGRE on Windows, as it's a pain to set up on Linux, and any games I make will have to support Windows as well as Linux. I'll post about my development scheme when I have it finalized (I'm compiling the samples for the second time as I write).

Okay, next post soon, I hope!


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